2017 Christmas Release

Creating winter/ Holiday themed paintings was an idea I got last year. However, I didn’t have enough time to create the pieces in time for the holiday season with all the commissions I had been hired to do. This year I remembered to make more time for creating them before the holiday commission rush came in.

winter cardinal card


There were two themes that I came up with for this year. The first was wreaths hanging on a front door. I came up with this idea while searching for houses when we were getting ready to move to Montana. I love brightly colored doors especially when they are decorated for holidays. When we would look at houses I would envision how cute the house would look with a brightly colored door all decorated for Christmas. Since I currently get to live in a house with a boring white front door I decided to live vicariously though my paintings.

Christmas wreath on red door

green door wreath card

The second idea that came to my mind was Red cardinals. I love Cardinals and how striking their coloring is against the muted colors of winter. Red cardinals always make me think of winter time. Generally, its only male cardinals are shown in pictures because they are much more vibrant.  However, I found their female counterparts to have  beautiful coloring with tones of yellow and orange. This yearI decided to showcase the beauty of both.

female cardinal in snow

winter cardinal

These five paintings that I created will be available both prints and as Christmas cards with several options of sizes. This is my first time offering cards with a printed image of my artwork. They are printed on a smooth cardstock and turned out absolutely beautiful. The smooth paper allows the details of the painting to really be show cased. The cards come with white envelopes of the appropriate size.

red door wreath card

female cardinal in snow card

Some of other new developments is the sizing available for the Giclee prints. I will be offering several of these new prints in square dimensions both 8×8 and 12×12″.  The square dimensions will add more creativity for creating a holiday Gallery wall. I will post more on this later.

green door wreath square

christmas wreath on blue door

I hope you enjoy these new paintings as much as I do and that they help put you in the holiday spirit.





Red, White, & Blue



I woke on the fourth of July with the idea of painting a bald eagle that was red, white, and blue. “Red, white, and blue” was the prompt for that day’s world watercolor month challenge. Being a holiday with guests coming over for a BBQ I didn’t have a chance to really work on it.

I started the painting the next day with the original plan being that the background would have washy blurs of color like similar to other animal watercolor paintings I had done. That changed when I had the painting sideways and saw the red paint start to make stripes down the side. I decided to roll with those stripes make it more of a flag background.

Because the painting ended going a different direction than originally planned I ended up turning it into a mixed media piece. Using white and black ink to add details, strengthen shadows and bring back highlights. I also didn’t make the flag perfect in proportions or design because I was working with how the paint had naturally stained the paper.

This is my first animal watercolor painting in this style since December. I had forgotten how fun and freeing it is to paint in a whimsical style. I love seeing the “Happy accidents” as Bob Ross would call them.

This painting will be listed on etsy when the shop reopens on August 1st.