Going to the fair

Between vacations and moving to a new state I wont be able to participate in as many festivals, fairs, and art shows, as I would have liked. A lot of this is because we didn’t know what state we were moving too until a few months before moving. We had big vacations planned to make the most of my husbands last summer vacation before becoming an “official grown up.” Luckily, I can still participate in the Montana state fair.

Star Gazing – Watercolor

I am excited to be able to participate because I had so much fun participating in the Eastern Idaho state fair last year where I ended up winning first place for my painting entitled “Star Gazing.” Winning was awesome and was a total a surprise but what made participating in that showing amazing was the opportunity I had to meet fellow artists in the Idaho art community. With most of my work sold online and being busy raising young children I don’t always get to interact with my peers. Being able to talk about art, creating, and inspiration with people who are as passionate about it as I am is not only refreshing but also energizing.


No matter what interests you its always energizing to be around people who share those same interests. It can make you feel less alone in your thoughts and ideas while refilling your metaphorical well. You can’t draw from an empty well so find people who help replenish it.

Now that we are setting up roots for longer than 18 months at a time I hope I am able to get out of my bubble and get more involved in the growing Montana art community.