Colorful Bison

This past month I was asked to do a colorful painting of an American Bison. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to demonstrate how I used Brusho and Hydrus watercolors to create my colorful animal paintings.



Paints and Supplies
*Dr PH Martins Hydrus watercolor

*Arches water color

*Black Velvet Brush


* Masking Fluid


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Red Rhino

Red Rhino

Ever since I painted my Rainbow Elephants piece I have wanted to paint another wrinkly animal skinned animal so I can use those same techniques. I finally got that chance with this painting of a red rhinoceros. I had so much fun layering on the masking fluid between layers of paint to create the textured effect.   This painting brought so much joy to me heart as worked on it and it refreshed my desire to be creative and experiment.

If you’re wondering what inspired the color scheme it was actually Dr. Seuss. In his ABC book there is a girl named Rosie who has a red rhinoceros. As a kid that was always one of my favorite illustrations from that book, so to pay homage to the master of silly words and illustrations I decided to paint it red.

I hope you enjoy watching the speed painting. From start to finish of actual painting time this painting took me about 2 hours to paint. Because I have to get the paper so wet to get the effect I want and have to let it and the masking fluid dry completely before the next layer it took about 7 hours to do.

The original  of this piece are available at my etsy shop.

Have a great day!